Healing Justice for Black Lives Matter

This Thursday, December 18, I will join with radical healers and wellness professionals from across North America and beyond to donate funds raised from our services to the Black Lives Matter Ferguson Bail and Support Fund.  

I will be offering a group Distant Reiki session for all registered participants who donate an amount of your choosing.  The session will be from 8-9am, and the Reiki will go where it’s needed most for you even if you are not “free” at that time.

As someone who’s committed to honoring the body as a source of wisdom for right living and leadership, I feel great sorrow when members of our human community are not fully honored and are suffering, and lives are being lost. These wounds are felt deeply by all of us, whether or not we always realize or acknowledge their profound effects. 

I invite you to Register Here and support this movement both financially and by nourishing yourself as a conscious community member.

Yours with deep wishes for peace,
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Nature Break

Tuning natural living things, even when in a city, is a really direct way to cultivate wellbeing and enjoyment. Caryn Heilman of LiquidBody shared with me that since natural elements and living organisms (people included) are more complex in shape and function than industrial or technological things, our sensing bodies respond to them with more complex and fluid movement.

Pause from your work for a moment to take in the breeze on your skin, or the deliciously uneven lines of a plant, or the organic and complex movements of your own body and those around you!

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Enjoyment over Perfection

This month, I want to invite an intention of Enjoyment over Perfection.

To me, “Perfect” feels like a static, frozen object that we’ve been told is going to bring us satisfaction and everything we need.

Enjoyment, on the other hand, inherently opens us to being present with what is evolving all around and inside us.

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with a group of incredible Somatic Educators and Therapists at the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) annual board meeting.  I so enjoyed being with this group as a new board member, and I was deeply touched by getting a feeling for the ever-evolving nature of the organization, and of each board member’s career.  Not one of us has “arrived” at a perfect, golden state — We are each co-creating our lives and work with community, our bodies, the world, and our evolving profession.

Stay tuned on Facebook this month for more notes on enjoying and evolving, and click here for ways to get involved in The Visioning Body’s offerings this fall!


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What do you REALLY want?

I’m feeling inspired to reach out with an affirmation and some opportunities for this fall season!

1) It is vital and necessary to connect with what it is you really want, and to follow that energy into the way you live, work, and create.

It’s necessary for your enjoyment and wellbeing… It’s necessary for your communities… It is necessary for the world.

I want to see you living according to what’s true and important for you, and getting to create the life you are wanting.

2) The Visioning Body is offering group and private programs this fall that support you in living your ideal, scrumptious, creative life.

Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders is a group program supporting your leadership, creative visioning and wellbeing, starting NEXT WEDNESDAY 9/10.  Space is limited to 10 participants, and there is still some room.

Somatic Visioning Programs provide a one-on-one opportunity to delve into your process of listening to your body to create what you care about most.

Reiki Sessions and Programs are a wonderful way to restore balance within yourself, experience deep rest and healing, and connect with the incredible energy that is uniquely yours and allows you to live out your purpose in the world.

Whatever it is YOU really want, I would be happy and honored to be of service to you!
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or to schedule.

warmly yours!

I’ve been blessed and amazed at the way Lee can draw forth an experience which both touches and transcends her own depth of heart and commitment to living a full, vibrant, and embodied life. She gives the gift of herself, which then opens the way for all of us to sink into our own gifts and bring them forth. Thank you!”

- Sarah “Sulis Sarasvati” Cutler, Bodyworker, Yoga teacher, Educator

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The Visioning Body Blog is Back!

We’ve been away a while, as you can see, but the time has come to share these resources live again!

Enjoy these archived and upcoming blog posts!


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Working with Fear

I’ve been thinking a lot about fear lately.  How to deal with the reality that when we take on something new, or even catch a glimpse of it, it can be really scary.  (YES, I get scared on a regular basis as part of the process of creating new ideas and projects.  I am not immune!)

This is a natural process that occurs all the time for the passionate and inspired people… SO, I wanted to share  a little Four-Step Process I use for Tending Fear and Anxiety through Somatic awareness.  If this draws your attention, be sure to also check out Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders! (Early Bird August 25th)

1) Acknowledge the feeling of fear or anxiety.
2) Get curious about the sensations, impulses, and movements underlying the emotion.
3) Stay curious, and notice how the sensations evolve.
4) Ask your body, “What do I need right now?” and just notice any responses that follow in thought, feeling, sensation, or image.

NOTE: Take your time with this process.  Give your body the space to move as it is needing to, so you can be better supported in your goals and activities.


We’ll be learning processes like these and so much more about how your body can support inspired and grounded living in the world in our upcoming fall program, Somatic Wellbeing For Visionaries and Leaders.

If you are looking support as you develop and manifest your visions in life, and you want to deepen your relationship to your body as a guide, this program might be for you!  Slots are filling up, but you can still sign up for a Complimentary Intro Call HERE to discuss whether this program is for you.

Honoring  the full range of your feelings and passions!

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Sometimes it’s good to “Lay it Down”

As the moon is just showing it’s tiniest slice of glow after waning, I’m reflecting on our own human cycles of waxing and waning: activation and rest, planning and riding the waves of our last plans, excitement for (or worry about) something new and enjoyment of what we have right now.

This Spring, I’ve been noticing a lot about the need to create honored practices around the waning phases in particular… There is so much to be excited about, to plan and to do, but if you don’t make space for some times to rest, enjoy, and ride your current wave, sometimes what happens is a forced waning.  You might get sick, burnt out, or utterly exhausted.  Not fun!

I’m reminded of an art teacher in high school, who said, “Some days, you just have to clean your brushes.”  I think he meant literally, but I took it metaphorically too.

I also want to share this songby Deb Talan as inspiration to support nourished periods of waning.  As she sings,“Don’t push so hard against the world… Come on, come on, lay it down.  The best made plans are your open hands.”

I am, as always, very happy to work with you to create sustainable ways of dreaming, acting, resting, and enjoying that serve you best!  Practices for supporting our waxing and waning are nuanced and varied for each person, so contact me if you would like to talk more about your specific situation.


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Can You Give Yourself Permission to Slow Down??

Last week, after a very busy week, I came down with a knock-you-out-in-bed can’t-look-at-a-computer-screen cold on Monday, so.…  I gave myself permission to not post something for our SlowVolution Monday :/.  I was sad to miss it but it’s just what made sense!

Let’s face it– It can sometimes be hard to give ourselves permission to slow down.  But it is nonetheless SO important!  It’s not your fault if you get sick, of course (I might have picked up a cold anyway), but slowing down can definitely help your nervous system to handle everything you to and encounter with more resilience.

So, I thought it’d be good to stir up some conversation about what you do, could, or would like to give yourself permission to do in order to follow YOUR body’s timing.

Post your thoughts here

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Honoring All Your Timing Needs

I’ve been finding it supportive lately to remember that it is possible to support the body’s inner timing even while moving according to calendar and clock time.  Different levels of timing are always occurring simultaneously within and around our bodies, and we get to play with this rich reality!  Read more here.

Planning for our upcoming Contact Improvisation Fundamentals Intensive, Awakening the Seeds of Your Practice, I’ve been delighting in all the ways that we can explore movement through space and with other bodies while honoring each person’s individual timing needs… What powerful training for life!

I’m very excited about this series and I want to make sure you know that our Early Bird discount ends this coming Friday, April 5th.   Read more and register here!

Happy Spring’s beginnings,

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Have you found yourself wishing you could hibernate just a bit (more) before winter is over?  Do you ever feel anxious or overwhelmed that life is just moving too fast?

In our technological age it can seem like we need move much faster than is supportive to our internal biorhythms.  Expectations for productivity and communication can be way beyond what we have been evolutionarily and developmentally prepared for as humans.  This creates stress, anxiety, burnout, and a variety of stress related ailments.

Slowing down, even just in small degrees, helps us access some of our deepest and most creative sources of energy.  We can experience more joy and enjoyment, ease of movement, and mental and emotional agility.  We can create lives of well-being and sustainable alignment with our passions.

I have seen this to be true for so many people, and I know how difficult it can be to slow down when all around us messages of working more, harder, and faster abound.  I’d like to take a stand against patterns of overworking that sabotage our brilliance and wellbeing so…

I’ve decided to start an official “Slow-Volution.”

And I’ll start it out slow ;).  Every Monday on Facebook through April, I will post an inspiring story, piece of information or question to begin a community dialogue on slowing down even amidst busy, passionate, or demanding lives.   I will also send weekly email reminders of our Slow-volution Mondays to anyone who signs up here.

Won’t you join me?  The best ®evolutions happen when we move together…

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