What Do Somatic Visioning Sessions Look Like?

Sessions are client-guided and co-created — whether in person or over the phone, I have offer vast array of tools as we create a highly personalized program that meets your needs and interests.

I listen and act as a reflective witness to your process. I offer possibilities for deepening your own awareness, clarity and ease in your body. These include opportunities for deep resting and sensing, dialogue, supportive touch/self-touch, energy work, and exploring through breath, sound, movement, and creative expression. A few of the practices I draw on are Continuum Movement, Authentic Movement, Body Mind Centering, and Reiki. Throughout each session, you are encouraged to follow the methods of exploration feel right to you!

Over the course of your program, we tend to the many layers of honoring your body and visions, and together we develop ways of working that serve you most powerfully in your unique journey.

Contact me at leefogel@visioningbody.com to discuss what you are looking for and see if Somatic Visioning is a good fit for you!