What is Somatic Visioning?

Somatic Visioning is a practice that helps you envision, sustain and enjoy your inspired life, by developing a dynamic and responsive connection to your body’s wisdom

Deeply rooted in Somatic Movement Education/Therapy and client-based research, Somatic Visioning encourages awakening to your visions through a deep connection to your wise, sensing, dreaming body. The process also tends to the delicate transitions from dreaming into creating — entering into an ongoing dance with your visions as they unfold within you and in the world.

I recognize that none of these transitions are inherently easy. We have learned in many ways to ignore our bodies, and to fear whatever they might be asking us and telling us. This, in turn, only brings us greater discomfort physically and emotionally, and further estranges us from our intuitive knowledge of what we need, want, and are meant to do.

I have seen through both study and practice, in my own life and in the lives of my clients, that in order to live our visions with fullness and ease, we need to have a nurturing space to dream.  We need to follow our body’s natural timing, celebrate and honor our ongoing activity and creations, and heed inner messages which allow us to grow and unfold.

I want you to have this nurturing space so you can thrive and bring your gifts to the world!

If you’d like to talk about what this might look like for you, I invite you to get in touch about a complimentary consultation.