Chrysalis Community for Leaders and Dreamers

Launching May 2024! Apply to be a part of our first cohort

You are a woman or nonbinary person who longs for a world that is whole, just, and well

You have big, beautiful dreams for your life, and struggle to bring them to fruition in a high speed, product-oriented culture

You are tired of putting your health and needs aside in order to do your work and life

Chrysalis is a community of dreamers and leaders in which we nurture our wellbeing and our visions. 

We offer a space of care, depth and learning, where we can heal and create in our own timing, and with support. 

We are educators, journeyers, healers, artists, organizers, and spiritual practitioners learning to listen to our bodies as an integral aspect of how we meet the world around us.

When we align with our body’s wisdom, powerful things happen. Life becomes more easeful. We relax, and we heal. We discover new pathways of living joyfully and with wellbeing.
Chrysalis is for you if you are :
  • Embarking on a healing sabbatical
  • Beginning a new aspect of your work
  • Seeking Balance and preventing burnout 
  • Clarifying your Vision and desired projects and paths

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Chrysalis is both a school of embodied wellbeing and creation, and a community of practice. Each new member of our community begins with our foundational course in Somatic Visioning, and may continue on as a member of our ongoing learning community. The structure of each includes:

  • Monthly In-Person Workshops (virtual options available) combining somatic & creative practices
  • Group Practice & Mentoring Sessions, twice a month
  • Somatic Visioning Activity Book/Journal to inspire your at home practice
  • Aroma Freedom Essential Oil Starter Pack
  • Community Forum to share questions & harvests from your practice 
  • Optional Accountability/Practice Partner & structures to guide your shared practice
  • Access to Lee’s Reiki Support Line
  • Monthly Private Sessions with Lee
  • Member Rates on additional private sessions, retreats, & other Visioning Body offerings

Foundations of Somatic Visioning

This course provides a powerful container, and teaches The Visioning Body’s signature practices for embodying your unique path. Completing Foundations in Somatic Visioning enables you to become part of our ongoing Chrysalis community. Workshops are subject to change based on the particular needs of each cohort, and may include:

1) Holding Space for your Body / Learning the Somatic Visioning Cycle & Building Practice Altars

2) Tending your Needs with Inner Body Awareness & Somato-Emotional Process / Introduction to Essential Oils emotional support and enhanced awareness 

3) Awaken your Dreaming Body with the Natural World

4) Connecting with Guides, Ancestors, and Spiritual Realms

5) Dreaming Bones (Embodied Anatomy as a support for visioning, manifesting, and healing)

6) Celebrating, Honoring & Clearing your Path ahead

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Chrysalis Community

Graduates of Foundations in Somatic Visioning are invited to continue as members of Chrysalis, to continue supporting your personal and professional projects in community. Interested members of Chrysalis will also be considered for a Practitioner Training track. 

Workshop Topics will emerge based on member’s needs and interests. Examples include:

  • Anatomy of your Dreams Series: Embodied anatomy as a Portals for Visioning and Support
  • Spirit and Soma: Touching what is beyond and within
  • Tending your Sensory-Imaginal Landscape
  • Feelings and Sensations: An ever-evolving dance
  • Designing a Daily Practice
  • The Power of Scent in Healing and Transformation: Aroma Freedom Technique and Somatic Applications
  • Money on the Mind, Money on the Body
  • Healing Pain through Visualization & Somato-Emotional Process
  • Rest, Digest, Activate
  • Scaffolding a Somatically Informed Life
  • Sensing & Evolving your Goals 
  • Tending your Creative Cauldron
  • When to Push, When to Gestate 

It was with grace that I found Lee at a time when I was yearning to reconnect with a sense of purpose in my life and my work. Joining Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders provided me with a safe and intentional space to connect deeply with myself and others. The attentiveness to breath and body, that Lee led us through, created an opportunity for a deep wellspring of body-based knowledge to rise up. My experience grew beyond the workshops and translated effortlessly into my life and my practice.  She is a gifted listener and facilitator. She is truly present and passionate about her work.

-Kim, Dance/Movement Therapist

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Your Guide & Facilitator

Chrysalis is a program of The Visioning Body, and is facilitated by it’s director, Lee Fogel, a Registered Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist, Reiki Practitioner in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition, Certified Franklin Method Educator, Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner in the tradition of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and Master of Arts with Distinction in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing. 

Lee brings her vast knowledge, over 20 years of teaching experience, devotion to healing, and love of witnessing transformation in others to this community, and is genuinely excited to see where it will bring its members. You can reach out to her at with any questions, or Apply to Chrysalis Here!