Experience the benefits of Embodied Wellbeing in the workplace
  • Create a culture of wellbeing
  • Carry out your visions with creativity and ease
  • Transform physical and emotional stresses
  • Support positive staff relationships

Lee’s work with us came during a pivotal time for our organization, Urban Tree Connection.  We were having to take in a lot of new information and quickly adapt to be most effective in our community through the worst parts of the pandemic, and we were on the cusp of an organizational transformation.  Lee’s somatic coaching helped ground us, and has given us tools to stay in our bodies and in our purpose as a team. We are excited to be continuing our work with Lee through individual sessions for team members, and visioning sessions with our community leaders. On a personal note, somatic practice has transformed me as a leader and a human.”  – Noelle Warford, Executive Director, Urban Tree Connection

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