Who Can Benefit from Somatic Visioning?

Somatic Visioning is intended to support anyone with a vision — or an inkling of a vision — for greater well-being and a more thriving world.

Clients come from several walks of life, but many have been people who are:

  • Experiencing life and work transitions
  • Passionate about making a difference, and/or wanting to discover their callings
  • Living with challenges such as stress, illness, injury or trauma
  • Community Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Activists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Wellness Professionals
  • Artists

Many people come to Somatic Visioning with a longing for non-linear, open-ended process that can nurture both the mystery and clarification of their dreams and self-healing.

Likewise, they want a space that honors the multidimensional nature of their lives, tending to emotional, physical, spiritual levels as well as areas of career and interpersonal relationships.

Sometimes people come to this work with a goal of self-care, and through the process also discover a blossoming of new visions. Sometimes people are seeking clarity around their projects and life-path, and also find a deepening of their well-being and sustaining self-care practices.

Everyone’s journey is uniquely rich — I look forward to connecting with you on yours!

For more on how Somatic Visioning could best support you, please contact me at leefogel@visioningbody.com