Opening Doors to Healing with Reiki

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a gentle, hands on energy practice that promotes healing and balance in all areas of life.
Reiki balances your whole system and supports powerful healing, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Reiki goes where it is needed most and can provide:

  • Relief from Physical & Emotional Stress
  • Healing from Illness, Injury, or Surgery
  • Enhanced Clarity, Peacefulness & Creativity
  • Ease in Relationships
  • So much more!  Reiki opens doors…

In a traditional Reiki treatment, you can lie comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table while I rest my hands lightly on your body.  You may be silently resting, or depending on your interests we may also include movement and dialogue about your inner experience.

Contact for information on Reiki Classes, In-Person and Distant Treatments, and Immersions.

“My reiki sessions with Lee have helped me feel more awake in my body and find more connection to my internal world.  I feel energized and significantly less stuck in physical fatigue (which was my main presenting issue when I started seeing Lee). I am more able to understand my emotional reactions and let them unfold. I feel more solid and capable of moving through my days without being derailed by stress.”
I went into my first Reiki session with no expectations and only minimal knowledge.  I knew Lee, and knew she was a wonderful and intuitive person, but I didn’t know much about the practice of Reiki.  I was preparing for an upcoming surgery and had received a gift of Reiki with Lee as help in getting myself ready.  Lee listened and was responsive to my needs, providing a feeling of comfort and confidence.  In that first Reiki session before the surgery,  all I can say is that somehow in that hour I was taken from being anxious to being  at peace.  For real.  That was an amazing gift.I have had other Reiki sessions since, and truthfully, none of them have been the same, but all have been important ways of taking care of myself.  They have helped me find peace, or identify issues, or go deeper, and to get centered.  I always feel better after a session, though I can’t say why!  Now I simply trust that Reiki is a powerful practice, at least when Lee is your practitioner.”
-Christine Ramsey, Elementary School Educator