Clients and Students

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 “Many times this year, I’ve said that working with Lee was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself.  Our work together over the course of the year has taken me through incredible transition.  When we began our work, I was working full-time in an office, feeling exhausted and struggling to access my intuition regularly. Our work helped me hear the messages and honor the timing of my decisions, which happened to be fast. By the end of 6 months, I had left my job in a timely way, started to organize my own business and re-visioned my dreams…”  Read more. 
-Jessi Rado, Artist, Counselor and Integrative Artist

I’m so deeply grateful for your practice and I can’t say enough about how life changing your work with me was and continues to be.  You really held my emotions, body, and turmoil through one of the most intense and also transformative time periods for me.  I now feel more centered in my creative practice and a real sense of comfort and joy in my body in a way I did not feel was possible for many years.  After over 10 years — the suffering with chronic pain and fear is gone — it feels like a total triumph 🙂”  Read more…

-Somatic Visioning and Reiki client

“There is a multidimensional depth to Lee’s “listening” and reflecting back what is “heard” in Somatic Visioning sessions which encourages a rich mining and discovery process to unfold. This moving dialogue offered me the time and space to explore and sense into an expanded and clearer vision and version of who I am. I gained solid trust in utilizing my body as navigator; the journey enhanced by Lee’s supportive and guiding presence.”

-Melanie Lewis Rosalsky—Mover/Shaker/Facilitator/LMT

“Today during a session with Lee I had the thought ‘Anything that happens to my body is important.’ This was followed by an expansion of the idea to all bodies, ‘Anything that happens to bodies is important.’ Working with Lee supports my ongoing awareness of being a biological, physical being in a biological, physical universe. Living an urban life at this point in history, I find my attention constantly being drawn to socio-cultural, political realities and other logistical patterns that overlay and imprint upon my life and consciousness. It feels incredibly important to turn attention back to the wordless flowing sensations of living itself so that I can begin to live in ways that are right for me. Sessions with Lee create space for this kind of attention and experience, and that feels very precious and necessary.”
-Asimina Chremos, dancer/artist/writer

Working with Lee helped me tap into deep layers of my body’s wisdom in a safe, supportive environment. Letting go of outer layers through movement, sound, breath, texture, color and memory, I developed an awareness of my fundamental and primal self. This experience has truly enhanced, complemented, and advanced my life’s journey.”

-Nani Manion, Librarian

If you’re looking for a sensitive and attentive practitioner to facilitate an exploratory journey toward wellness, Lee Fogel is a wonderful fit. With an open and inviting presence, she utilizes her background in Somatics, as well as Reiki, to gently attune to the needs of her clients. I leave my sessions feeling empowered!”

- Rachel Greene, Dance/Movement Therapist

…Something happens when I turn my attention to my body with Lee at my side. I’m surprised over and over by the transformations that occur when she holds the space safe and with intention, providing words, sounds, and breath that expand my experience of being alive. Like opening up a conversation I’ve wanted to have, but have been putting off for way too long, I leave our sessions feeling a sense of relief, wellbeing, and groundedness.“
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- Julia Taylor, Massage Therapist

Working with Lee profoundly impacted my relationship with my self. Through movement, breath, and voice, I discovered a whole new geography of my body… I was stunned by how much I was able to deepen both my connection to myself, and compassion for myself.“
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- Annie Wilson, Performer/Choreographer, Yoga Teacher

Faith is not a word that I use very often after not finding what I was looking for in my own Christianity but was exactly the word that found me when I sat down to write about my somatic practice and reiki experiences with Lee… I was given the permission that I never give myself, to sit in silence and move with my body. To be aware of my needs.“
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- shay(den) gonzalez, Facilitator, Trainer, Yoga Teacher

…Through Lee’s guidance, I learned about the physiology of the pain I experience. This helped me envision a new narrative of what goes on in my body, to demystify and wrap my mind around it. Perhaps more importantly, I (much more quickly than I ever thought possible) tapped into a deep, pre-narrative, pre-symbolic, meditative place.“
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- Margaret Downey, Doula, Philadelphia Alliance for Labor Support (PALS)

I am so grateful for Somatic Movement, and for Lee Fogel, who introduced me to its benefits. I have been living with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia Syndrome for nearly a decade and one of the routines that helps minimize the pain and maximize my energy is daily exercise. On a day like today, when I wake up achy, stiff, and tender all over, exercise is crucial, but excruciatingly difficult. Hard mornings used to mean harder days, but somatic movement makes it so much easier!…“
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- Client and Workshop Participant

It has been wonderful to study with Lee, whose knowledge of movement is very impressive. Her sensitivity, skills and commitment inspire confidence. Working with her is a way to learn techniques as well as new things about myself.”

- Cathleen Cohen, Artist, Poet, Educator

I was looking for body movement classes and found Lee. She was intuitive and gentle from the start, giving me the encouragement to quickly open up and feel comfortable using movement, motion, and sound to express myself. In each session, Lee provided the space to enable me to fall deep into the present moment. And with Lee’s somatic training, the sessions felt fluid and supportive. Lee is a bright light, and there is so much to gain through her somatic teachings!!”

- Ari Barkan

Lee has a calm presence and immense well of patience that she shares in her classes and sessions. She provides a safe place for exploration and guides with a gentle hand and open heart. People of all experiences can learn from Lee, both from her wisdom about the human body, and from her genuine way of engaging with the world.”

- Johnny Blazes, Interdisciplinary Performance Artist


 “Lee is an exceptional teacher and human being. She has an ability to communicate which is direct and heart-felt. Her understanding of movement and the connections between movement and our psychologies runs deep as well. I would recommend her workshops and classes to anyone interested in deeper exploration, personal growth, and better communication skills.”

- Robert Brian Levy, Chief Instructor, NOLA Aikido

As a friend, a colleague, a peer, and at times a co-facilitator/co-teacher, I’ve been blessed and amazed at the way Lee can draw forth an experience which both touches and transcends her own depth of heart and commitment to living a full, vibrant, and embodied life. She gives the gift of herself, which then opens the way for all of us to sink into our own gifts and bring them forth. Thank you!”

- Sarah “Sulis Sarasvati” Cutler, Bodyworker, Yoga teacher, Educator, www.laughingtreespace.com

The way I felt emotionally and physically grounded sold me on Lee’s teaching.”

- Deborah Vogel, Neuromuscular Educator and Movement Analyst, Instructor of Dance at Oberlin College

Lee is a thoughtful, caring, and very engaged practitioner. Her creativity and empathetic awareness shine through in every interaction.”

- Rebecca Weber, Choreographer, Dancer, Somatic Movement Dance Educator, and Director of Somanaut Dance

With kindness, intuitive intelligence and sensitivity, Lee possesses a great gift for somatic movement inquiry. With grace and a light-heart, she provides an exceptional environment for learning and awareness.”

- Lilly Bright, President, Curiously Bright Entertainment/Arthouse Films, LLC