Group Program Testimonials

When I first began working with you I was so scared of the inner workings of my mind/body and I couldn’t even admit it to myself.  Most of the time it didn’t torture me because my personality self was so rigidly formed and protective.  So although I may not have said it in these words I came to you and to the workshop to come home to myself.  Slowly but surely that process has begun to unfold.  The quiet listening is now my marriage to myself.  For the very first time, I go inside myself and await with curiosity to see what is happening and it is like a universe exists within me that has sound and color and movement…traffic jams at times.  But all in all it is always me and every part of me.  Truly it is time for a celebration.  One of the intentions I wrote down is that I want to be a better healer.  First and foremost I have become a better healer to myself.  The rest I can wait patiently to see how it will happen.

I am also so proud that I have learned to look and listen to others from a place within myself.  In my work as well as my personal relationships, I now see how important it is to honor and take care of myself and trust that if I have the intention to offer loving interaction with people that is the best that I can do as well as deep and open listening.

I will never be the same after taking this workshop.  There is no turning back.  I listen in and there I am…pulses and bubbles and streams and my eyes look out from within all this and I see me and I see you and I see me seeing you.  gratefully,  Ana

-Ana Goldenberg, Sound and Color Healer, Psychotherapist

Over the course of this program I have successfully become a non-profit, which was a goal of mine, and I feel empowered and supported (from within my body, surprisingly) to make more changes that I set out to make.  I used to think I needed more outward support in order to make these changes, and while I still accept that support (and now ask for it), I realized that a huge wellspring was within my own body!

-Dawn Smelser,  Director of MotherHeart Sangha

I thoroughly enjoyed Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders.  During the classes Lee’s instruction and guidance allowed me to reach deep states of relaxation and quiet that has expanded my sense of well being and enabled me to work and live with a greater sense of ease and comfort. I also am able to accomplish tasks  with far less  effort.

-Jeff DeLone, Sr Partner at Velocity Concepts, VP/Owner of Brain Balance Centers  Springfield&Cherry Hill 

I am grateful to feel a lot more recovered and “in” myself.

-David Siller, Sustainable Community Builder and Educator

This workshop has gone much further than I ever could have imagined.  The Freedom I felt during the sessions allowed me to open up to be more honest and vulnerable.  Along the way I have observed shifts in myself and my relationships for the better.

I am grateful for finally noticing that as much as I believed that I was in my body, the truth is that I was mostly living in my head with stories and thoughts from my childhood, influencing my thoughts and feelings, in the present. The epiphany from this is learning that all of my Fear, Shame and suffering is still living inside of me with the little girl who was not encouraged to express her feelings. I hold her now with Love and Compassion.  I am pleased about noticing how my confidence level has improved. This has enabled me to speak my feelings and thoughts, even if they are uncomfortable, by not letting them get caught in my throat and head.

The sensations, movement impulses and feelings I experience are constantly Flowing and changing. Most of the time now I am able to lean into whatever is flowing through me, in the moment. If I do this, I remember that I am not my thoughts or feelings. I hold the space and give them the time they need to manifest and then subside.  I compare that to a wave arising in the ocean, reaching the shore and then calmly going back to join the ocean of my ever changing thoughts and feelings, whether they are Joy, anger, fear, shame, sadness etc..  Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you Lee for sharing your passion and yourself with me!

 -Karin Surkin, Retired Medical Professional, Mindfulness Enthusiast 

I have learned to fully acknowledge and appreciate my body’s wisdom and all that it has to offer me in times of decision-making and searching for direction. Whereas before, I often found myself looking outward for guidance, now I realize just how prepared my body already is to help me navigate through the world.

I leaned a variety of strategies for embodying my visions.  Sensing my visions connected my dreams to my body, so instead of viewing them from a distance, I experienced them from the inside out.  I am now able to translate what is unknown (like the future) into what is known (what is present). How does the future manifest in the present? This is where noticing bodily sensation while dreaming or looking ahead can make “the future” less hazy and more in reach. Also sensing what happens in my body– whether it’s fear, anxiety, excitement, joy, frustration, etc– while envisioning what is unknown or uncertain can aid in decision-making. “What does your gut tell you?” It’s a real thing.

Feeling welcomed, supported, and continuously affirmed by the group helped me realize that what I feel, what I dream, what I sense, and what I say IS in fact very important and crucial.  I’ll always take with me Lee’s words: “Everything that is happening in the world is happening to you.” So knowing myself more deeply and making my wellbeing a priority is not just self-fulfilling but a gift and service to the world.

What was perhaps the most important lesson I learned/realization I had through these workshops was this: make time for you to just be you.  Being with my body and another felt really special, sacred and sublime.

-Julie Verdone, Artist

Lee’s program provided tools and language to think about the realm of intuition.  I came to respect that it can be known, not just left in ephemera.   Beyond this, during the program, my body came to speak for itself.  Lee’s guidance and the environment she created helped me find a rapport with that which only seems too subtle.

–Albert Fung, Artist

Working with Lee helped me tap into deep layers of my body’s wisdom in a safe, supportive environment. Letting go of outer layers through movement, sound, breath, texture, color and memory, I developed an awareness of my fundamental and primal self. This experience has truly enhanced, complemented, and advanced my life’s journey.

-Nani, Librarian

Today during a session with Lee I had the thought ‘Anything that happens to my body is important.’ This was followed by an expansion of the idea to all bodies, ‘Anything that happens to bodies is important.’ Working with Lee supports my ongoing awareness of being a biological, physical being in a biological, physical universe. Living an urban life at this point in history, I find my attention constantly being drawn to socio-cultural, political realities and other logistical patterns that overlay and imprint upon my life and consciousness. It feels incredibly important to turn attention back to the wordless flowing sensations of living itself so that I can begin to live in ways that are right for me. Sessions with Lee create space for this kind of attention and experience, and that feels very precious and necessary.

–Asimina Chremos, dancer/artist/writer