Testimonials — Julia Taylor

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Lee has been an important and powerful role model in my commitment to my body. I’m so lucky to have her as a consistent teacher, guide, and partner in healing and hearing my body. Something happens when I turn my attention to my body with Lee at my side. I’m surprised over and over by the transformations that occur when she holds the space safe and with intention, providing words, sounds, and breath that expand my experience of being alive. Like opening up a conversation I’ve wanted to have, but have been putting off for way too long, I leave our sessions feeling a sense of relief, wellbeing, and groundedness. My energy increases and I’m happy to use the tools and resources Lee gives me when it becomes lower. Lee’s presence is sensitive, wise, and above all one of safety, inviting out what is begging to be seen. I value Lee’s unwavering commitment to the power of listening, the connections she makes based on what is coming up, and her generosity in sharing the joy of being in a body.”

- Julia Taylor, Massage Therapist