Testimonial — Annie Wilson

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Working with Lee profoundly impacted my relationship with my self. Through movement, breath, and voice, I discovered a whole new geography of my body. I sensed my diaphragm and organs of my belly for possibly the first time. I traveled energetic pathways I never knew existed and traced back to the roots of some of my habitual movement and improvisational impulses. I now find myself carrying my awareness through my whole spine, not just my neck up, and drawing on modes of awareness and approaches to breathing that help me when I am feeling stressed. Lee’s unwavering support as I explored these patterns was an anchor when discomfort arose. Her warm, compassionate presence allowed me to believe that I could do no wrong in my explorations, which in turn allowed deeper impulses to rise to the surface to be examined. I was stunned by how much I was able to deepen both my connection to myself, and compassion for myself. Thank you.”

- Annie Wilson, Performer/Choreographer, Yoga Teacher