Testimonial — Jess

Many times this year, I’ve said that working with Lee was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself.  Our work together over the course of the year has taken me through incredible transition.  When we began our work, I was working full-time in an office, feeling exhausted and struggling to access my intuition regularly.  By the end of 6 months, I had left my job in a timely way, started to organize my own business and re-visioned my dreams.  I started dancing and moving in new ways, and being able to gather information from my own body. By the end of 9 months, I had started and completed a large arts and justice project with a world-known artist and the country’s biggest mural organization.  By 10 months, I was able to discern that it was time to move, and within a month, move across the country.  All of these decisions came forward in short bits of time working with Lee.  Our work helped me hear the messages and honor the timing of each decision, which happened to be fast.  I now have ways of sensing decisions from the inside, resting deeply and also releasing what is ready to go, and continuing to go deeper.  Everything from my self-image, past wounds and career decisions can be discovered in this internal landscape.  I know this now.  I feel I am developing a growing, personal language out of sensations, awareness and deep connection within myself.  It has deepened my yogic practices tremendously, as I learn to become even more sensitive to my experience without pushing it away or missing it completely.  As a teacher of personal growth, this work has also shaped my own work with others.  I’m less inclined to take the responsibility of telling someone else what to do or how to fix their concerns, as I now believe they can actually figure that out through their own sensitivity and intuition.  I can better support them in participating in their own growth and healing work.  Through contact with non-judgmental presence, and information flows I receive from myself and give to myself.  This is the foundation of all practices of self-love and spiritual mastery.  The Visioning Body deepened my experience of this.”

-Jess Rado, Counselor and Integrative Artist