Testimonials — Client and Workshop Participant

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I am so grateful for Somatic Movement, and for Lee Fogel, who introduced me to its benefits. I have been living with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia Syndrome for nearly a decade and one of the routines that helps minimize the pain and maximize my energy is daily exercise. On a day like today, when I wake up achy, stiff, and tender all over, exercise is crucial, but excruciatingly difficult. Hard mornings used to mean harder days, but somatic movement makes it so much easier! Even though the movement is very different from my more intentional workouts (yoga, walking, dancing), the effects are very similar. When I take the time to listen and feel how my body wants to move, the pain of the movements is minimal. I just concentrate on breathing and listening to my body and allow it to move itself, at its own pace. Afterwards, I am more calm, more alert and present, in less pain and less stiff. I can more easily get through my day even though it started rough! Thank you so much Lee, for helping me to remember that my body knows what it needs. Somatic Movement means exercise is always accessible, no matter how tired I am or how much pain I’m feeling. Everyday is different, but with Somatic Movement, everyday is more possible.”

  — Client and Workshop Participant