Testimonial — shay(den) gonzalez

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Faith is not a word that I use very often after not finding what I was looking for in my own Christianity but was exactly the word that found me when I sat down to write about my somatic practice and reiki experiences with Lee. When we began I came looking to repeat the same patterns I’d been falling into for years, fixing myself to be something more (stronger, calmer, more deliberate, etc) for others and Lee welcomed me and this aspiration with excitement and compassion. However, session after session I was given the permission that I never give myself, to sit in silence and move with my body. To be aware of my needs. My practice with Lee, in addition to other forms of self care, has allowed me to begin stepping out of my caretaker role in order to be taken care of both by myself and also by the world around me.  I’ve started learning to put faith in those around me and my ability to grow and heal, for the sustainability of all the things I love, including myself. ”

- shay(den) gonzalez, Facilitator, Trainer, Yoga Teacher