Somatic Movement & Reiki

Somatic Movement

Somatic Movement Education/Therapy is a field of practice and study that focuses on supporting wellbeing and understanding the body from an inner, sensed perspective. The word somatic is derived from the Greek soma, which refers to the body as a luminous, living being, rich with meaning and wisdom.

The field of Somatic Movement Education has grown out of and is fueled by the focused work of individuals and groups committed to learning about the human body through their own lived experience and questions. A central role of Somatic Movement Educators is to facilitate the unique process of our clients that they may learn to pay attention to inner movements and sensations, discover resources that support their physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a gentle hands-on practice that promotes healing and balance in all areas of ones life.

Literally translated as “energy of the universe,” Reiki was developed as a healing practice by medical doctor, Mikao Usui, in the late 1800’s in Japan. It has since been passed through a tradition that enables practitioners to channel this healing energy through our hands.

Just as the body moves in ways that we need when we listen and allow it to, Reiki also flows where it is needed most to support our natural process.