Working with Fear

I’ve been thinking a lot about fear lately.  How to deal with the reality that when we take on something new, or even catch a glimpse of it, it can be really scary.  (YES, I get scared on a regular basis as part of the process of creating new ideas and projects.  I am not immune!)

This is a natural process that occurs all the time for the passionate and inspired people… SO, I wanted to share  a little Four-Step Process I use for Tending Fear and Anxiety through Somatic awareness.  If this draws your attention, be sure to also check out Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders! (Early Bird August 25th)

1) Acknowledge the feeling of fear or anxiety.
2) Get curious about the sensations, impulses, and movements underlying the emotion.
3) Stay curious, and notice how the sensations evolve.
4) Ask your body, “What do I need right now?” and just notice any responses that follow in thought, feeling, sensation, or image.

NOTE: Take your time with this process.  Give your body the space to move as it is needing to, so you can be better supported in your goals and activities.

We’ll be learning processes like these and so much more about how your body can support inspired and grounded living in the world in our upcoming fall program, Somatic Wellbeing For Visionaries and Leaders.

If you are looking support as you develop and manifest your visions in life, and you want to deepen your relationship to your body as a guide, this program might be for you!  Slots are filling up, but you can still sign up for a Complimentary Intro Call HERE to discuss whether this program is for you.

Honoring  the full range of your feelings and passions!

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