A revolutionary community of learners

One of my favorite things about teaching and learning somatic practices for living well and on purpose, is the transformational affect this learning has on those around us and our communities.

The more I respect my body’s subtle signals as the guiding light of my every day experience and the way I structure my time and life, the more others around me do too, and the more I am in turn supported by their presence of being.

This happens in simple and direct ways:
We relax more into our chairs, delight more in the food we are savoring, breathe more fully, connect more deeply…

We also affect each other through inspiration:
We inspire each other to see beyond what we know to be possible in life and work.  We imagine and show each other that we can create livelihood, community, timing structures, etc. that support our full potential as human beings.

The truth is, every time you deepen more into your body and allow your callings to speak in and through you, you are creating an opening in the world and transforming not only your life but also the lives of those around you. And when someone in your community deepens into their body wisdom, they are creating more ground for you to live into your right life as well.

In just a couple of weeks on July 25th, I will be offering a workshop at my dear teacher Mary Abrams’ studio in NYC!  I hope you can join us for Becoming Your Dreams: A playful and embodied approach to life visioning.

On the Philly side of life, we are enrolling now for The Visioning Body’s fall group training for creative visionaries.  Click here to sign up for a consultation before our upcoming Early Bird Discount on July 31st! 

It would be a joy to work with you personally in either of these contexts. If you can’t join us, please consider sending someone you know so that they can make strides in their own life and be a more embodied and inspirational presence in yours!

In gratitude for our revolutionary community of learners,


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