Lessons from my 100-year-old aunt and 2‑year-old niece

I’m feeling incredibly grateful to have gotten to see both my two-year-old niece Emma and my 100-year-old Great Aunt Ruth in the last couple of weeks. Being with these people I love has been so inspiring, and I want to share a couple of sweet morsels and lessons with you:

At the end of Aunt Ruth’s 100th birthday party last weekend, I got to go up and visit her apartment filled with all her nic-nacs and plants (and even a new avocado pit growing), and see the first painting she ever made, at a painting class she went to last week. My lessons from Aunt Ruth: Always keep learning, life can be full of many things, there’s lots of time, and it’s never too late.

I got to go to the beach with my family, and Emma was delighted by the ocean — running all around, shrieking, laughing, making little piles of sand on her feet. She was curious and a little scared of the little tidal pool waves, and she repeatedly ran up near them shrieked and laughed and ran away, until hours later she was able to peacefully and happily stand in the waves. Lessons from Emma: Enjoy meeting your fears — learning to adapt can be fun. Laugh, shriek, run around, don’t bother keeping it small.

I hope to enjoy many more sweet, fun moments of learning with you this fall.

In particular, I’m gearing up for another round of Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders beginning September 16th and am very excited and grateful to delving into this rich learning environment with a new group. We still have some spots open so if you know anyone who might like to join in, please share this info with them! It would be best to sign up by September 1st to get the most benefit out of the pre-program materials. Register at www.visioningbody.com/fall

Here’s to a rich end of summer and beginning of fall,

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