Healing Justice for Black Lives Matter

This Thursday, December 18, I will join with radical healers and wellness professionals from across North America and beyond to donate funds raised from our services to the Black Lives Matter Ferguson Bail and Support Fund. 

I will be offering a group Distant Reiki session for all registered participants who donate an amount of your choosing.  The session will be from 8–9am, and the Reiki will go where it’s needed most for you even if you are not “free” at that time.

As someone who’s committed to honoring the body as a source of wisdom for right living and leadership, I feel great sorrow when members of our human community are not fully honored and are suffering, and lives are being lost. These wounds are felt deeply by all of us, whether or not we always realize or acknowledge their profound effects. 

I invite you to Register Here and support this movement both financially and by nourishing yourself as a conscious community member.

Yours with deep wishes for peace,
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