Sometimes it’s good to “Lay it Down”

As the moon is just showing it’s tiniest slice of glow after waning, I’m reflecting on our own human cycles of waxing and waning: activation and rest, planning and riding the waves of our last plans, excitement for (or worry about) something new and enjoyment of what we have right now.

This Spring, I’ve been noticing a lot about the need to create honored practices around the waning phases in particular… There is so much to be excited about, to plan and to do, but if you don’t make space for some times to rest, enjoy, and ride your current wave, sometimes what happens is a forced waning.  You might get sick, burnt out, or utterly exhausted.  Not fun!

I’m reminded of an art teacher in high school, who said, “Some days, you just have to clean your brushes.”  I think he meant literally, but I took it metaphorically too.

I also want to share this songby Deb Talan as inspiration to support nourished periods of waning.  As she sings,“Don’t push so hard against the world… Come on, come on, lay it down.  The best made plans are your open hands.”

I am, as always, very happy to work with you to create sustainable ways of dreaming, acting, resting, and enjoying that serve you best!  Practices for supporting our waxing and waning are nuanced and varied for each person, so contact me if you would like to talk more about your specific situation.


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