Enjoyment over Perfection

This month, I want to invite an intention of Enjoyment over Perfection.

To me, “Perfect” feels like a static, frozen object that we’ve been told is going to bring us satisfaction and everything we need.

Enjoyment, on the other hand, inherently opens us to being present with what is evolving all around and inside us.

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with a group of incredible Somatic Educators and Therapists at the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) annual board meeting.  I so enjoyed being with this group as a new board member, and I was deeply touched by getting a feeling for the ever-evolving nature of the organization, and of each board member’s career.  Not one of us has “arrived” at a perfect, golden state — We are each co-creating our lives and work with community, our bodies, the world, and our evolving profession.

Stay tuned on Facebook this month for more notes on enjoying and evolving, and click here for ways to get involved in The Visioning Body’s offerings this fall!


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