Can You Give Yourself Permission to Slow Down??

Last week, after a very busy week, I came down with a knock-you-out-in-bed can’t-look-at-a-computer-screen cold on Monday, so.…  I gave myself permission to not post something for our SlowVolution Monday :/.  I was sad to miss it but it’s just what made sense!

Let’s face it- It can sometimes be hard to give ourselves permission to slow down.  But it is nonetheless SO important!  It’s not your fault if you get sick, of course (I might have picked up a cold anyway), but slowing down can definitely help your nervous system to handle everything you to and encounter with more resilience.

So, I thought it’d be good to stir up some conversation about what you do, could, or would like to give yourself permission to do in order to follow YOUR body’s timing.

Post your thoughts here

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