Finding Balance Amidst the Tumult

I don’t normally pray, at least not in words, but this is what I found myself saying as I sat at my window Saturday morning feeling deeply shaken by the terrors of the news which I won’t repeat here now.


May I let my worries rest in the living intelligence of our world of which I am a part.

May I trust and honor the ways the world brilliantly responds to disruption and finds balance.

May I tune to the creative, sensing, rebalancing brilliance of life that supports our learning and evolution in exactly the timing that is possible.”


This is the heart and bigger context for why I believe in somatic awareness as a practice for living responsively and supporting the wellbeing of our selves and world.

I’ve been dreaming about how to create more of a community that supports embodied and values-based living, and this year I have decided to offer a year-long group program with this in mind. We are enrolling now and Priority Registration (including an additional private Somatic Visioning session) end July 31st.

If you feel called to live in deeper alignment with your body’s intelligence and you want the support of community to share your gifts from this place of deep inner connection, please take a look at the program information for Somatic Wellbeing for the Visioning Being, and feel free to get in touch. I would love to hear your story.


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