Embodiment Training for Visionary Groups

Calling all visionary and creative groups! 

  • Are you a group that is devoted to wellbeing, justice, creativity or the arts?
  • Do you want to transform your way of relating to one another and those you serve?
  • Are you ready to carry your work forward in a way that honors embodied wisdom for sustainability and creative leadership?

Let’s discuss and see whether this program is a fit!

Somatic Wellbeing for Visionary Groups is an immersive program intended to bolster your team’s ability to carry out your mission by connecting with embodied intelligence.

Over the course of 9 workshops, you’ll learn somatic (body-centered) methods of fostering wellbeing, powerful partnership, and fresh insight.  Topics include:

  • visioning
  • building supportive community
  • expanding your relationship to money and time
  • learning how feelings and sensations can support individual experience and group dynamics
  • supporting a healthy flow of rest and productivity

By accessing sensory intelligence, you will discover new ways of working together to honor the fullness of what you offer in this world.

Think this program might serve your group well?  Contact leefogel @ visioningbody.com or 610 639‑3036 to discuss the possibilities!

What the Program Includes:

-9 Somatic Visioning and Self-Care Workshops:

Holding Space for Your Body” — Tracking sensations and tending your somatic needs as a leader and creative person.

Inviting your Visions to Play” — Learning to interact with and embody your visions to discover what they (and you!) want and need.  Introduction to Somatic Visioning.

Rest, Digest & De-Stress” - Supporting your physiological and emotional cycles of relaxation, digestion and taking action.

Community & Support” - Exploring needs, desires and somatic methods for witnessing and peer support.  Learning to pay attention and honor your somatic sense of boundaries.

Riding your flow of Emotions”  — Honoring fear, excitement, and shame while moving with grounded creativity.

Re-envisioning Time” - Learning to move with and optimize time in ways that support you most.

Letting the Body Dream your Callings” — A day-long Somatic Visioning immersion.

Money on the Mind, Money on the Body” — Tend your somato-emotional relationship with money and discover creative approaches to money that honor your nature and your visions.

Celebrating and Honoring your Journey” — Developing the art of celebration to support your ongoing process of visioning and creation.

-Private and Small Group Sessions, according to need and interest 

-One Follow-Up Group Session honoring your growth and clarifying your next steps

What people are getting out of the program

  • Clarity of vision and mission that honor values and wellbeing
  • Groundedness and decreased stress
  • Ability to work, lead and create with greater ease
  • Ability to navigate internal and external challenges with clarity and inner support
  • Tools for leading others in an embodied way

What Students are Saying

I am grateful to feel a lot more recovered and “in” myself.

-David Siller, Sustainable Community Builder and Educator

Over the course of this program we have successfully become a non-profit, and feel empowered and supported to make more changes.

-Dawn Smelser,  Director of MotherHeart Sangha

This program provided me with a safe and intentional space to connect deeply with myself and others. The attentiveness to breath and body, that Lee led us through,  created an opportunity for a deep wellspring of body-based knowledge to rise up. My experience grew beyond the workshops and translated effortlessly into my life and my practice. She is a gifted listener and facilitator. She is truly present and passionate about her work.

-Kim, Dance/Movement Therapist

I will never be the same after taking this workshop.

-Ana Goldenberg, Sound and Color Healer, Psychotherapist

Feeling welcomed, supported, and continuously affirmed by the group helped me realize that what I feel, what I dream, what I sense, and what I say IS in fact very important and crucial.  I’ll always take with me Lee’s words: “Everything that is happening in you is happening in the world.” So knowing myself more deeply and making my wellbeing a priority is not just self-fulfilling but a gift and service to the world.

-Julie Verdone,  Collaborative Artist

Lee’s program provided tools and language to think about the realm of intuition.  I came to respect that it can be known, not just left in ephemera.

-Albert Fung, Artist