Quieting the Critic and Freeing your Inner Artist!

JW2016A couple winters ago I called up my friend Jesse White, founder of Pigeon Arts to see if she wanted to get together and make art, side by side.  Jesse is a poet, visual artist and educator with a strong focus on spiritual and personal growth through the arts, and I knew she’d be the perfect art making buddy for me.

CityScape-HeadshotWe started gettting together to make art, move, write, do what we do… and exchanged appraoches to sourcing art from the core of our beings, quieting our inner critics and outer distractions, and supporting our minds and hearts through cycles of creative flow and taking restorative breaks.  Meeting with Jesse provided a solid bridge for me from a period of feeling lost from my own art-making to being delighted, curious, and courageous about having a regular creative arts practice that feeds my soul, mind, and hunger for the mysteries of life.

Moving and MakingOur time together was so personally rich and fun that that we decided to open up our doors and create a space to offer what we’ve learned and support others awakening their creativity.  And thus, Moving & Making with your Inner Artist was born.

Hope you can join us this July for this juicy mid-summer workshop!


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