Lessons from the Magnolia

I’d like to share with you some reflections inspired by the beautiful Magnolia tree that blossomed a few of months ago around the corner from my house.

Seeing Magnolia blossoms open is absolutely astonishing. Such ease… Such fullness… I wonder, “What would it take for us humans to also open with ease into our dreams, our projects, our thriving bodies, lives, and communities?”

What do we need for our bodies to feel at ease enough to dream and unfold into the lives we want to live?”

The Magnolia tree has a lot to offer us as a model for our own unfolding and blooming:

  • Before we could even see any petals or buds, this tree was dreaming them into being through subtle and intricate movements.
  • The buds opened under just the right conditions, the exact weather that would support their blooming cycle… even with the unexpected shifts and turns in the seasons’ timing.
  • The tree released its petals just as easily it had allowed them to open, as though to celebrate and share its creation, and giving way to its continued unfolding into spring and summer.

In order to live and create with fullness and ease, we as humans also need to have a nurturing space to dream, to follow our body’s natural timing, to celebrate and honor our ongoing activity and creations, and to continue to grow and unfold…

I believe in this nurturing space so strongly, and I want YOU to have it!!

If you are craving a space to dream and align with your body’s needs and timing, I’d LOVE to talk with you!

Contact me at 610 639 3036 and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Wishing you fullness and ease in all your endeavors,

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