Dream Seeds

I recently returned from an incredible workshop exploring dream life through somatic process.  The Body of Dreaming Intensive, taught by Susan Harper, opened me up to new possibilities for tending the imaginal and sensory journeys we take (while sleeping and awake!), and deepened my understanding of how nourishing this kind of process is to our life-visioning and well-being.  I am so excited to enter back into my work with you with all of these new insights, and new and strengthened tools…

For now, Here’s a fun Dream Seed Exploration inspired by Susan Harper’s work, that I invite you to try…

  1. Recall in detail a brief scene or image from a dream, daydream, or striking waking moment.
  2. Notice any sensations, movement impulses, or thoughts that arise in your body in this moment.
  3. Choose a figure in the dream (an object, the landscape, an animal) to “enter into” and imagine becoming.
  4. Notice how and what this figure senses, feels, sees, does.…  Allow yourself to play with this and see how you yourself feel in the moment.
  5. What do you notice in your body now???

I’d love to hear what you experience!

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