Need a vacation? It might be inside you…

Rest a new world into being…

These days, I keep hearing and feeling the sense of possibility for positive changes in our world, the pressure and need to keep on creating them, and the immense and impossible-seeming need for rest.  We need rest from all the hard inner and outer work of the last year, four years, and more.  We need rest to support our clear actions to come.  And we need rest because it is the cold, dark, slowing season.

I keep thinking we all need a vacation from everything — and where and how will we get it??  In these moments, I’m remembering that a little bit of practice goes a long way.  Where are the moments that we can allow peace, enjoyment, celebration, and nourishment?  Can you create a few minutes to lie on the floor, on a couch, in a sun patch… and be a body?
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