Creating a culture of embodiment, self care, and community wellness

What we’re offering at this time:

-Somatic Wellbeing & Visioning for Organizations: Find support around mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing while managing your body’s relationship with virtual platforms. Access the body’s wisdom around problem solving and decision making. This is a great option for groups and organizations wishing to provide resources for health and wellness for their staff.

-Transformative Sound & Movement with Rev. Rhetta Morgan: Rhetta Morgan is an activist, singer, and interfaith minister doing amazing healing work in our community. Together, we are beginning a series of podcasts and workshops designed to support you in your embodied journey.

-Private Somatic Movement sessions over Phone/Zoom: We will talk about what’s going on for you physically and emotionally, and discover ways to support you through movement, awareness, and experiential anatomy.

-Private Distant Reiki Treatments: In a Distant treatment I send Reiki (healing energy) to your overall mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, as well as any specific requests. We check in after to discuss anything that arose for you during the treatment.

Contact for booking all sessions and workshops