Virtual Solo Healing Retreats

Do you ever feel like you need a nourishing space and time to rest and deepen your healing process?

Are you dealing with health concerns, or a need for inner change that keeps getting pushed to the background?

Perhaps in your current context you just can’t imagine getting what you need to support your wellbeing…

I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. I offer Solo Healing Retreats from my own deep well of being held in spacious healing time.  I want to offer you the space to exhale, to wander, and to gently allow for healing.

I welcome you to get in touch to discuss the possibilities.  All retreats are customized for your needs with varying levels and kinds of support.  They may include:

  • Guidance in designing your retreat in a location of your choosing
  • Virtual Somatic Visioning & Somatic Movement Therapy 
  • Distant Reiki Treatments 
  • Essential Oil Therapy & Consultations
  • Shamanic Healing

Contact to discuss what would best support you.