Salamander Arts Testimonials

I like making flip books. I like the couch for reading on.” ~Naim (Age 6) 

The instructors really support independence and creativity while also providing guidance for more complicated projects. They weren’t afraid to sew, hot glue, tie strings, or get messy. It was the highlight of my kids’ week. The instructors are really gifted at being kind, supportive, and maintaining a safe environment.” — Parent of Amaris and Ezra (ages 7 & 10) 

We improvise a lot, and that is very fun.” - Henry (age 9)

My children had a wonderful experience at Salamander Arts. They learned and played and enjoyed a calm, nurturing environment with you all. We really appreciated the good communication and the assistance with school pick up, which was key to our involvement. My children always looked forward to their time at Salamander and my husband and I to seeing their shows and the work they created.” — Parent of Matthew and Elsie (ages 7 & 9) 

My most favorite part was my teachers and making a wolf cape and doing a cool act like the puppet show. When mom says it’s time to go to Salamander I am excited!” - Ezra (age 7) 

Salamander Arts provided a warm, supportive, creative environment for kids of all ages, and our 5 yr old loved it. She made friends, had a great time, and was proud of her artistic endeavors. We’d send her back in a heartbeat.” — Parent of Nina (age 6) 

We do projects and really cool stuff like making plushies, which was my favorite. My teachers were really nice, I liked them a lot.” — Amaris (age 10) 

I like to put art on the wall.” — Safi (age 5)

Salamander Arts is a vicious cool art league.” - Elsie (Age 9)

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