Summer Harvests: Flowing with time by riding all the waves

It’s been several years for me since any kind of externally instituted summer break, but I still approach these hottest months with a sense of adventure, and permission to move at a different pace.  This summer, while continuing to teach and work with clients, I also went on trips to beaches, lakes, and state parks.  I just returned from a vacation with my wonderful family.  I took two whole weeks to enrich my practice with further learning in both Reiki and Somatic Movement Education.

I had an intention of allowing myself to expand into more life-enhancing ways of moving with time, work, and play — ways of being that would support my body, my visioning process, my practice with clients, and my practice of running a business.

The process has been an adventure in itself, including moments of enjoying, crying, indignantly declaring, resting and letting my sails flap in the breeze, wrestling with certain goals and tasks, and celebrating accomplishments.  Now, at summers end, I can say that experiencing all of these different ways of being — not just the comfortable, or the joyful, or the diligent, or the restful - but meeting ALL of these ways with a fullness of being, has helped me to deepen into myself, my vision, and my work even more.

I also became very clear, grounded, and excited about some new offerings I would  love to share with you to support your visioning, leading, growing, and well-being.

To start us off, please click here to read about  The Visioning Body’s new Reiki Programs!

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