Finding Support in Times of Change

There has been so much change in the air, literally and in so many ways, in these last few weeks.  Storms passing through and the big election day tomorrow could be disorienting on their own.  From conversations I’ve been having, it seems that there’s actually so much changing for people internally and personally as well.  I know that movement and change is part of the nature of being alive, but what can we do when the level of change and uncertainty is, well, really uncomfortable?
During moments of uncomfortable change, I recommend a few somatic methods of finding support:

1. Slow down and pay attention to sensation.  Ask yourself, ‘What am I sensing and noticing in my body right now?’  Allow yourself to be curious, and even surprised.

2. Follow what feels good.  There is certainly value in feeling into what is uncomfortable, but it is equally worthwhile to notice and/or create neutral and pleasurable experiences.   A good place to start is to ask, ‘What else am I noticing?’  Or do something simple that you can enjoy — give yourself a foot rub, lie down, walk, hum, smell something yummy…

3. Connect with others who inspire spacious awareness and listening, or invite someone to join you in doing something (eating, walking, just being together) slowly and with awareness of sensory experience.

Finding support internally and through community is just what we are going to be doing in the Somatic Well-being for Creative Leaders and Visionaries workshop series starting in January.  I am so excited for the group of delightfully inspiring people who are beginning to gather for this course, to deepen into their bodies and visions together.
I am going to be announcing this offering to the wider community later this week, and I want you to be able to participate — so, please let me know ASAP if you are considering the workshop or would like to reserve your spot.

Click HERE to read more about the Somatic Well-being for Creative Leaders and Visionaries Workshop Series!

With you in all of the moving and changing,


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