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Coming back to a busy schedule after Thanksgiving weekend, I am feeling very grateful for my teaching practice as a structure that deepens my own self-care.  As I prepare for the Self-Care and Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders workshop series, I am reminded how consciously creating ways to share the practices I love, helps me to deepen into these practices as well.  I’m grateful for the spiraling, cyclical nature of the work I do, where giving opens doors to receiving, teaching engenders learning, and creating brings me into co-creation and discovery with others.
As I plan for this new workshop series, I am so grateful to be beginning yet another cycle of co-creation.  I am inspired by the  incredible group of creative visionaries who are already  gathering for the series.  I feel enlivened as I dive into notes from previous workshops I’ve led, courses I’ve taken, and the writings of other Somatic Educators.  And as I stay tuned to the particular needs and challenges of my clients and community of movers and shakers, the challenges that I face become so clearly part of the learning that feeds into the teaching, and on…
I am very much looking forward to beginning the in-person journey of these workshops January, and I want to warmly welcome you and your communities to join us.  Space is limited, and the Early Bird Discount ends this Friday 1130. Reply to this email if you are interested or have any questions at all, orclick here to learn more.
In gratitude,
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