Summer Visioning Intensive

Only available This Summer, for 5 special clients!

  • Do you want this summer to be a nurturing and fertile springboard for the life you really want?
  • Are you curious whether you can indeed have all of what your body is calling for?
  • Do you want to experience the satisfaction of forward movement aligned with your body’s needs?

This program gives you a unique opportunity to dive into cultivating self-care and connecting with your body’s wisdom within a summer-friendly structure that includes one-on-one sessions, a group call, and a community forum! If you are seeking deeper awareness of your body and the ability to tend your body’s needs, or if you want greater clarity and support around your well-being and life-visions, then this program is for you!

NOTE: Outside of this special program, I am only offering longer-term programs because of the power of consistent and committed somatic practice.  I created this one-on-one intensive for the summer as a unique opportunity to powerfully orient and align yourself with what YOU are needing as you move forward into fall!

What this Program includes

  • 6 hour long co-created Somatic Visioning and Reiki Sessions (phone, skype, or in-person sessions available), including:
    ‑Opportunities to learn somatic approaches to self-care and visioning, including breath, movement, experiential anatomy, somato-emotional awarenss, visualization, drawing, writing, and supportive self-touch.
    ‑Learning to follow your cycles of Visioning, Dreaming, Rest, and Activation.
    ‑Hands or Distant Reiki to deepen the flow of energy and support your process on all levels.
    ‑Guidance around integrating somatic practice into your daily life.
    ‑Guidance in moving towards your visions in a way that honors your body’s wisdom.
  • Distant Reiki between sessions to support your process.
  • A closed online community Forum.
  • One recorded group Q&A phone session.
  • The opportunity to bundle sessions for a concentrated  meeting time.
  • One Follow Up Call to celebrate your journey and honor your next steps.

Kick-Off Call July 9th! (will be recorded)

Actual Value: $695

Summer 2013 Price:


or 3 easy payments of $174

In order to focus deeply on each client, I am only taking on 5 clients in this unique program. 

Contact with questions or to arrange a payment plan!

Something happens when I turn my attention to my body with Lee at my side. I’m surprised over and over by the transformations that occur when she holds the space safe and with intention, providing words, sounds, and breath that expand my experience of being alive. Like opening up a conversation I’ve wanted to have, but have been putting off for way too long, I leave our sessions feeling a sense of relief, wellbeing, and groundedness. My energy increases and I’m happy to use the tools and resources Lee gives me when it becomes lower. Lee’s presence is sensitive, wise, and above all one of safety, inviting out what is begging to be seen. I value Lee’s unwavering commitment to the power of listening, the connections she makes based on what is coming up, and her generosity in sharing the joy of being in a body.”

- Julia Taylor, Massage Therapist