Moving Silence Weekend

Dancing Big Picture Dreaming with Daily Living 

Taught by Mary Abrams, MARSME


During this 2 day weekend of silence we will focus on dreaming, integrating life desires with reality, and allowing our bodies to guide us in ways to balance ambition, big picture plans and visions, with moment to moment living and self-care.

We gather on Saturday to begin exploring our theme and introduce ourselves to practices of breath, sound, and movement that become our mantra and support for diving into silence.  After a short break we return without words to commence our silent exploration which lasts until Sunday between 3–4 pm.  We will emerge from silence back to words, sharing reflections from our journeys and cultivating support for the unique unfolding of our “right” lives.

Registration and Information

May 21–22, 2016
Sat-Sun 12–6pm
The Iron Factory, 118 Fontain Street, Philadelphia, PA
$350, $100 deposit
partial scholarships available

With $100 Deposit

Mary Abrams brings passion, skill, and an inquisitive spirit to her teaching offering dynamic and detailed attention to breath, sensation, emotion, and creative development.  She is an Authorized Continuum Teacher, directs and teaches at Moving Body Resources in New York City, and is course leader of the Master of Arts Dance & Somatic Well-being programme from the University of Central Lancashire (UK) in the USA. Her background includes 30 years of dance training and performance, 19 years of Continuum with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper, and work with Gary David, Ph.D. incorporating body awareness and movement with the fields of Epistemics and Affect-Script Theory.  She holds a BA in Dance Education with Departmental Distinction from St. Olaf College and a masters degree in Consciousness Studies through Goddard College.