Join the Slow-volution

Feeling anxious or overwhelmed, and like life is moving too fast??

In our technological age it can seem like we need move much faster than is supportive to our internal biorhythms.  Expectations for productivity and communication can be way beyond what we have been evolutionarily and developmentally prepared for as humans.  This creates stress, anxiety, burnout, and a variety of stress related ailments. 

However, when you slow down, some of your deepest and most creative sources of energy can begin to flow.  We can experience more joy and enjoyment, ease of movement, and mental and emotional agility.  We can create lives of well-being and sustainable alignment with our passions.

Because I have seen this to be true for countless clients, I’ve decided to start an official “SLOW-VOLUTION” — a community dialogue and stream of inspiration for slowing down to honor our bodies even amidst busy and passionate lives.

Won’t you join us? The best (r )evolutions happen when we move together.

We will be “gathering” once a week on Facebook for “Slow-volution Mondays.”  See the latest inspiration on our Facebook page, and join here for a weekly email reminder!