Sculpture Exploratorium

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Tuesdays, 9/5/23 — 12/19/23
*No class Nov 7

Sculpture Exploratorium invites kids to be artist-scientists, discovering the properties of materials and inventing ways to build with them. We will bring mindfulness as well as a sense of scientific research to a variety of mediums (fabric, wire, paint, paper, plastic, food items, found objects…), and discover from there what kinds of sculptures we can build! After inventing our own individual techniques and sculptures, we will explore working together to build larger forms and even environments to enjoy together. 

Salamander Arts provided a warm, supportive, creative environment for kids of all ages, and our 5 yr old loved it. She made friends, had a great time, and was proud of her artistic endeavors. We’d send her back in a heartbeat.” — Parent of Nina (age 6)

Meet your Teachers!

Eliana is a ceramicist and teacher. She graduated from Warren Wilson in 2022 with a BA in expressive arts therapy. She believes in the healing potential of creative self-expression and loves sharing the joy of art making with students. She loves to integrate her work as an educator with the arts, and guide students in creative multimedia exploration. When she isn’t teaching, Eliana fulfills her own artistic passions through pottery making. 

Molly Thayer Hi! I’m Molly (he/any), a recycled fiber artist and teacher to kids and adults. I learned to make recycled looms and create yarn from plastic bags, leading me to discover an art pathway that is accessible, sustainable, and expansive! I teach fashion design and recycled textile crafts by engaging with commonly discarded materials like plastics, produce netting, and scrap fabric through experimentation and embodied wonder. By engaging sensory curiosity and intuition, I celebrate risk and failure and trust each learner’s own approach. I believe recycled fiber arts creates an opportunity to engage with our histories, environments, selves, and each other at the pace of breath and joy, contributing to community health and resilience in the climate apocalypse. 

Enrollment Includes

  • Small Group Classes () with individualized attention to students’ needs and interests
  • Highly skilled instructors with backgrounds in Somatics, the Arts and Education, trained in our Salamander Arts Pedagogy highlighting Embodiment/Mindfulness, Creativity & Community
  • A cozy environment for kids to rest, connect, and create
  • Fun activities that support emotional, physical, mental, and social wellbeing & development
  • Collaborative projects that foster community across age and background
  • Leadership opportunities for kids of all ages and abilities
  • Support for developmental and behavioral goals
  • Weekly Emails with Photos & Updates
  • Step-by-step instructions for Arts Based & Embodied Mindfulness Activities you can do at home
  • A final show and gathering to celebrate your young artists
  • School Pickup from Lea & Penn Alexander
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Homework Assistance during snack & sketchbook time


Registration is Closed for this Class- To get on our waitlist, email

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$225/month, Sept-Dec

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