Listen… Your Grieving May Sprout Healing

Grieving is one of the more dynamic life processes we experience as humans. We are afraid of it, fight it, get swallowed by it, are surprised by its fits and starts and cycles. We crave more time for it than our culture and everyday life allows. We are drawn in, repulsed, perplexed.

​​​​​​​Below are a client’s beautiful reflections on how offering their body space to grieve in its own mysterious way has supported both physical healing and important life transitions. It reminds me how intertwined emotional and physical experience are, and how incredibly adept our bodies are at moving with the healing potential of any phase of life.

My year was one of pretty intense pain and grief as you know. I’m so deeply grateful for your practice and I can’t say enough about how life changing your work with me was and continues to be.  You really held my emotions, body, and turmoil through one of the most intense and also transformative time periods for me. Grief is so intangible and mysterious and I felt supported and able to be totally vulnerable in your space — no judgement and so much listening, so much listening.  Although things are still challenging right now as I continue to support my trans body and embark on what being more communicative about that in public spaces might look like, I feel secure that our practice together is holding me and is there for me. I also feel more centered in my creative practice and a real sense of comfort and joy in my body in a way I did not feel was possible for many years.  As I was skiing down these little slopes on our vacation with my child in front of me skiing, watching them tumbling, charging forward, and finding a way to keep picking up speed, I was able to really just enjoy the motion of my body and it’s strength in going slow and steady, working on my form as I went etc. It was so amazing!!! After over 10 years — the suffering with chronic pain and fear was gone — it felt like a total triumph :)”