Fill, Empty, Create, Heal — finding our way with wellbeing, grace, and support

Dear Community,

As the Gregorian year nears its final bow, many of us are reflecting on what has happened during this strange, disturbing, and time-warpy beast called 2020.  Exactly one year ago, I bought a house with the intention of creating a home for myself and a center for my practice.  In many ways it has become this, and yet so much is so different with most of the year necessitating virtual sessions and workshops.

When I first shared the news of my new home, a teacher offered me the celebration, “Here’s to all the amazing ways you will fill, empty, and create with this space in your life.”  I’m holding this blessing close now as I appreciate the unexpected flow of filling and emptying that I and the space have been experiencing.  I’m thinking about the need in creative process and healing to empty and not just to fill, to have undirected time and not just focused productivity.  It’s something I need to keep reminding myself of in a society that seems built on making things happen in order to live.

This time is calling us to show up and stay tuned to what is unfolding within and around us. When there’s so much we don’t know, it can take a lot of strength to stay open, take care of ourselves emotionally, and work towards a hopeful future. Personally, I’m using every tool I have in my box to be alive and present in the ways I want to be. My personal practice keeps me sane and healthy and allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of wellbeing in myself, my clients, and our world.

If you are looking for ways to tend to that innocent visioning part of you, stay grounded and energized, and recalibrate to the ways you want to live, please reach out.  I have a number of virtual offerings at this time, including Reiki Treatments, Somatic Movement Education/Therapy, Shamanic Consultations, and Healing with Essential Oils.  I am happy to talk and create a nourishing plan together.

With gratitude for all that keeps us whole,

- Lee