Does Believing Help Us Heal?

When I began my Reiki journey (eleven years ago this month!) I was comforted that neither I nor my clients had to “believe” anything for the practice to work. I could lay my hands on myself or someone else and just observe whatever happened. This worked well for me because I tend to be a bit squeamish about believing in things, and gravitate towards practices that prioritize inquiry over a fixed sense of reality— open interest over attachment to outcome.​​​​​​​​​​ 

Keeping curiosity central helps me stay engaged with what is truly going on for myself and my clients, and allows for healing and growth to happen naturally.

At the same time, I’ve been realizing that my non-believing stance can become a security blanket. I sometimes hide behind not believing and don’t fully acknowledge the transformations that occur with Reiki, which is hard to describe in Western/scientific terms.

So, I’d like to come at least part way out from under my blanket and share a few remarkable changes I’ve witnessed with my Reiki clients:

  • Long-standing overwhelm giving way to emotional lightness and groundedness
  • Stressful and chaotic life situations resolving easefully
  • Self-limiting thoughts transforming
  • Relief from migraines
  • Breathing opening up, even with structural blockages
  • Chronic joint pain melting away
  • Improved sleep & digestion
  • Respite from symptoms of chronic illness

Sharing about results I’ve seen using Reiki makes me reflect on believing as a useful ingredient to healing.  Believing what is “before your very eyes” may help you appreciate growth, or acknowledge what you wish to change. Knowing you have the capacity to heal can motivate reaching out for support. Trusting a practice can help you engage with it over time.

What supports you to grow and change in meaningful ways?
Is it curiosity? Belief? Persistence? Surrender?

Yours inquiring about believing…