Balancing Structure and Freedom

Sunrise-DandelionsAs humans and creative beings we need a balance of structure and freedom to create, learn, and grow.  We need all the support of our physiological, relational, societal, and earth structures to survive and be well.  And within all of these structures we need to freedom to be responsive to all that is occurring in every moment.

Is there something you are wanting to create or discover in your life at this time?  Something as simple as setting aside time to listen, journal, draw, or move with your idea can be just the invitation that your inner wisdom needs to chime in and show you a way through.  When you set aside this time, you can ask yourself- what would help me feel supported here?  And create your structure based on that (A 5, 10, or 30 minute timer?  A really soft blanket?  Some tea?  A walk outside?  A friend to be with?).

In my quest to create structures for creative visionaries to blossom, I have just begun enrollment for a *new year-long program*, Somatic Wellbeing for the Visioning Being.  Check it out!  I’d love to hear what you think.

Here’s to all the right support for your learning and transformation…


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