Moving Silence for our Souls

Spring-bark-budsSpringtime has a lot of flare.  I love how trees seem to be trumpeting bright leaves and flowers straight out their limbs.  I love all the new birdsounds, and the rain-sun-rain.  It is all very beautiful and stimulating!I also know that part of what makes this is so exciting is the un“spoken” energy that lies beneath the surface, supporting these dramatic changes we can see and feel.And so it is with healing, personal growth and life’s journeys.The mystery and miracle of springtime blossoming and our lives unfolding has everything to do with a silent subtle movement going on in every living thing, that is vital and powerful even while we may not always notice it.

I am so very excited to welcome Mary Abrams back to Philly next month, for the 3d year in a row, this time to teach her Moving Silence Weekend!  During this 2 day weekend of silence on May 21–22, we will focus on dreaming, integrating life desires with reality, and allowing our bodies to guide us to balance ambition, big picture plans and visions, with moment to moment living and self-care.

Mary is a phenomenal teacher, and I highly recommend you do not pass up the opportunity to learn with her in May!  Read more about her and the workshop here.

To your health and full, wild learning this Spring and always!
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