Dreaming as a Powerful Action

Looking back at an invitation for a Visioning Circle I held earlier this year, I stumbled accross the following definition:

A vision is an image, feeling, or idea
that is beckoning you into dreaming or action,
dreaming being a powerful action in its own right.

At the time that I wrote these words, they felt more like a proposition than a confident knowing — something that at least felt right enough to try on for size.  I am amazed at how much truth they hold for me now.

I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of a community of people who dare to notice their visions for their lives and the world.  This in itself has been a dream come true for me!  Throughout the year, I have witnessed clients and students envision what they want, learn to honor and tend their body’s needs, and then realize that they’ve naturally and organically begun to embody their visions.  I’ve gotten to see people move through all kinds of inner and “outer” challenges, and find that their body’s are vastly capable of navigating towards what is right for them.


I am so excited for all 2013 will hold for all of you, and I want to welcome you join us in whatever Somatic Movement or Reiki offerings call to you.

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