Flowing with Your Feelings

Since we are now a few days into February, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all the different feelings you and others in our community may be experiencing in our still relatively new year.  Are you excited, or nervous about what lies ahead for you? Perhaps overwhelmed by lots of activity, or the physical challenges of the cold? Are you enjoying any aspects of your experience so far?  Frustrated or disappointed after having high hopes for a delightful new year?

Yesterday, participants of our Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders course explored the seeds and expression of emotion in the body, and I”m feeling inspired to widen the conversation by asking:

However you are feeling in this moment, or about the new year, where are you noticing this feeling flow in your body?  What sensations or movement impulses in your body are telling you ”I”m feeling (… scared, or excited, or frustrated)?”

At a basic level, feelings can flow very quickly from one to the next.  What happens when you take a moment or two to notice your sensed flow of your feelings?

I welcome your responses, here or on Facebook!

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