Somatic Wellbeing for the Visioning Being

a year of transformation for creative visionaries, leaders, and dreamers

Registration is Closed.  Contact if you’d like to be notified about the next 4 month or year-long Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders course.

  • Are you in a time of transition in your career, life, or inner world?
  • Would you like to live and lead with a sense of deep inner knowing and support?
  • Do you want to be seen and held in community as you discover and manifest the life that is right for you?

You are not alone!

I invite you to join Somatic Wellbeing for the Visioning Being, and learn sustainable ways of being with all that you are, do, and dream of.  

I created this program with the intent to strong and supportive community among seekers and leaders who want to live from their body’s wisdom.  There is only so much learning we can do “on our own,” and to truly integrate this learning and revolutionize our lives we need a skilled and capable team by our side.  This year long program creates a ground for this community to form as you dive into your own deep learning process.  Within a safe and nurturing space, you’ll learn powerful approaches to gently align with your body’s wisdom so that you can live, lead and create from a place of deep wellbeing and inner connection. Over the course of 9 monthly workshops we’ll use somatic (body-centered) methods of awareness to attend essential aspects of creating the life you need and want.  Topics include:

  • visioning
  • building supportive community
  • expanding your relationship to money and time
  • learning how feelings and sensations can guide you
  • supporting a healthy flow of rest and activation

By deepening your relationship with your body and sensory experience, you will discover new ways of living and working that honor the fullness of who you are and what you’re meant to do in this world.

Think this program might be for you?  Schedule a Complimentary Awaken Your Visions Consultation with Lee!

What the Program Includes

–9 Somatic Visioning and Self-Care Workshops (8 half-day workshops and 1 day-long intensive):

“Holding Space for Your Body” - Tracking sensations and tending your somatic needs as a leader and creative person.

“Inviting your Visions to Play” - Learning to interact with and embody your visions to discover what they (and you!) want and need.  Introduction to Somatic Visioning.

“Rest, Digest & De-Stress” - Supporting your physiological and emotional cycles of relaxation, digestion and taking action.

Community & Support” - Exploring needs, desires and somatic methods for witnessing and peer support.  Learning to pay attention and honor your somatic sense of boundaries.

“Riding your flow of Emotions”  - Honoring fear, excitement, and shame while moving with grounded creativity.

“Re-envisioning Time” - Learning to move with and optimize time in ways that support you most.

“Letting the Body Dream your Callings” - A day-long Somatic Visioning immersion.

“Money on the Mind, Money on the Body” - Tend your somato-emotional relationship with money and discover creative approaches to money that honor your nature and your visions.

“Celebrating and Honoring your Journey” - Developing the art of celebration to support your ongoing process of visioning and creation.

Each workshop includes:

  • Lessons, exercises and group activities geared towards participants’ projects, needs and interests.
  • Prompts and “Homework” to inspire your learning and self-care between meetings.

In addition to these 9 intensive workshops, you will receive:

–3 Private Sessions with Lee to support and deepen your unique journey and integration of the workshop content: Orienting and Awakening Your Visioning Body (near the start of the program), Deepening Connections (mid-program), and Crossing the Threshold (near the end of the program)

–Access to our private online Visioning Being Forum for community dialogue and access to Lee for additional guidance and insights

–A Process Buddy and structures to support your journey between workshops

–One Private Follow-Up Session honoring your growth and clarifying your next steps

Members of Somatic Wellbeing for the Visioning Being have the opportunity to enroll in a simultaneous one-on-one program at a discounted rate.  (contact leefogel @ if you are considering this option)

What people are getting out of the program

  • Cultivation of visions that honor their unique needs and way of being

  • Groundedness and decreased stress

  • Ability to work, lead and create with greater ease

  • Ability to navigate internal and external challenges with clarity and inner support

What Students are Saying

It was with grace that I found Lee at a time when I was yearning to reconnect with a sense of purpose in my life and my work. This program provided me with a safe and intentional space to connect deeply with myself and others. The attentiveness to breath and body, that Lee led us through,  created an opportunity for a deep wellspring of body-based knowledge to rise up. My experience grew beyond the workshops and translated effortlessly into my life and my practice.  She is a gifted listener and facilitator. She is truly present and passionate about her work.

–Kim, Dance/Movement Therapist

I am grateful to feel a lot more recovered and “in” myself.

–David Siller, Sustainable Community Builder and Educator

For the very first time, I go inside myself and await with curiosity to see what is happening and it is like a universe exists within me that has sound and color and movement…traffic jams at times.  But all in all it is always me and every part of me.  Truly it is time for a celebration.  One of the intentions I wrote down is that I want to be a better healer.  First and foremost I have become a better healer to myself.  The rest I can wait patiently to see how it will happen.

I am also so proud that I have learned to look and listen to others from a place within myself.  In my work as well as my personal relationships, I now see how important it is to honor and take care of myself and trust that if I have the intention to offer loving interaction with people that is the best that I can do as well as deep and open listening.

I will never be the same after taking this workshop.

–Ana Goldenberg, Sound and Color Healer, Psychotherapist

Feeling welcomed, supported, and continuously affirmed by the group helped me realize that what I feel, what I dream, what I sense, and what I say IS in fact very important and crucial.  I’ll always take with me Lee’s words: “Everything that is happening in you is happening in the world.” So knowing myself more deeply and making my wellbeing a priority is not just self-fulfilling but a gift and service to the world.

–Julie Verdone,  Artist

Over the course of this program I have successfully become a non-profit, which was a goal of mine, and I feel empowered and supported (from within my body, surprisingly) to make more changes that I set out to make.

–Dawn Smelser,  Director of MotherHeart Sangha

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Location, Dates, Details

Workshops take place from 1-5pm one Sunday a month, with the exception of a longer day from 10-5pm on 3/5 for Letting the Body Dream your Callings.

9/18 — Holding Space for Your Body
10/16 - Inviting Your Visions to Play
11/13 — Rest, Digest & De-Stress
12/11 — Community & Support
1/15 — Riding Your Flow of Emotions
2/12 — Re-envisioning Time
3/5 - Letting the Body Dream Your Callings
4/9 — Money on the Mind, Money on the Body
5/7 — Celebrating & Honoring Your Journey

Private sessions are one hour each and scheduled at the start of the program according to your availability, in Fishtown, West Philly, or via Phone/Skype.

Lee’s program provided tools and language to think about the realm of intuition.  I came to respect that it can be known, not just left in ephemera.   Beyond this, during the program, my body came to speak for itself.  Lee’s guidance and the environment she created helped me find a rapport with that which only seems too subtle.”

–Albert Fung, Artist

Registration is Closed.  Contact if you’d like to be notified about the next 4 month or year-long Somatic Wellbeing for Visionaries and Leaders course